Poly Cotton Twill White Curtain 160grm Lining Fabric EXTRA WIDE 274cm

Poly Cotton Twill White Curtain 160gram Lining Fabric EXTRA WIDE  274cm free post
no need to sew lots of widths together 
A light weight quality lining
£6.99 per metre

White Curtain Lining  for curtains….The very best quality as used by the professionals.

A Polycotton Heavy Twill Weave drapes beautifully due to its dense make-up, whilst also boasting a crease-resistant finish that works and saves you time, as well as offering light protection by reducing the amount of external light that enters the room. It also conforms to an ‘easy care’ performance feature due to being washable and dry cleanable. Our selection of polyester cotton (polycotton) linings have proven hugely popular – not only are they an ideal choice for curtains, but a practical solution for bedspreads and quilted products too

The colour is White
The lining composite is poly cotton twill-
Width 274 cm (109 “)The lining is sold per metre at  free carriage in the UK –
 tracked service !
Product  Width:  274cm / 108 inches
Weight: 156gsm / 4.6oz sqy
Colour: White
Composition: 70% Polyester / 30% Cotton
Available As:
End Usage: Curtains

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